Here at M. Stagers Realty Partners we are a little different.  We are boutique firm and we like it that way.  We specialize in people, both you and our clients.  We are not a big box or body count of agents.  We like knowing how your day is going, how many kids you have and what makes you happy.  We are passionate about real estate and the service we deliver.  If you are looking for a place to call “my company” and take pride in where you hang your license, then you may be a good fit.  We teach and coach one on one.  We believe in mentoring, sharing ideas and that working together for the better of all.  We like to have fun and love to celebrate wins! Real estate is an incredible profession, but it takes a lot of hard work, grit, ethics and people skills.  If you are experienced and looking for a place to grow a business that thrives, we may be the perfect fit.  We are here to help you by sharing our systems, bouncing ideas, mentorship and tailoring your business to your goals. Our company will only grow, if our agents grow. So, we take your success seriously.

What we are:

  • A fun place to work!
  • Take real estate seriously!
  • Take how you treat the customer experience seriously!
  • We believe in systems that help you do more!
  • We believe in marketing that promotes!
  • We believe in keeping you updated with the latest information!
  • We believe in meetings that are meat & potatoes, no fluff wasting your time!
  • And the list…goes on.

Most of all we believe that “ The Experience Matters”!

What we are not:

  • A company that buys leads and expects you to stay on the phone all day to find one good lead.
  • Part-time agents.
  • Babysitters for adults.
  • We don’t give you cards and wish you good luck.

What some of our agents have to say:

A few answers from our agents – Why are you at M. Stagers Realty Partners?

Missy Stagers is the primary reason I chose MSRP as my sponsoring Brokerage. She has created a professional yet relaxed work environment that makes you feel you are part of a family.”

As I joined the Real Estate industry I knew I wanted to find a home with a company that really went above and beyond for the clients. I don’t like to give the typical service…I want my clients to be blown away and with M. Stagers Realty Partners I really feel that each and every one of us try to do the same with all of our clients.”

Choosing the right company to work with as a real estate agent reflects on ones’ core beliefs in life and in business. Knowing that the company would be run with efficiency, integrity, honesty, and a shared value of providing the best service possible to everyone we work with.”


When you work for a company that has the client in mind and not just the bottom line it makes it easier to help your client. You can give them the time and attention that they need. We treat everyone like they are a family member. You are never a number. It sounds cliché-ish, but we do genuinely care about the people “ The experience matters” is not just a tag line for us it is the way we live and work. We provide the tools for longevity. If you succeed so does the company. Learn from people who have done it and are not afraid to share that knowledge. There is enough business to go around. Real world experience will come with time, but it is always nice to learn a few of the tricks without the pain.



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