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Do you understand Paragraph 21 of the standard contract? It’s about contact information and is often overlooked. However, this paragraph is very important, so today I want to talk about how it should be filled out. 

Paragraph 21 notes where the buyer and seller should each be contacted. It may seem minor, but this is how all parties will contact the buyer and seller throughout the transaction. One such party would be the title company. 

“If you follow these guidelines, your close should go much smoother. ”

An important thing to remember with this paragraph is that you shouldn’t fill out any information for anyone other than your client. If you make a mistake filling out someone else’s information and cause a delay, you’ll be on the hook. 

Another common mistake I see is that some agents will put their own contact information where their client’s should be. Do not do this under any circumstances. You don’t want that responsibility, and your broker certainly doesn’t want you to have that responsibility. 

When filling out the information, add your client’s email and phone number at the bare minimum. Don’t put your own information there, and don’t fill out anything for anyone who isn’t your client. If you follow these guidelines, your close should go much smoother. 

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