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Don’t Be Caught Off Guard: Prepare For Wind & Hail Claims

Don’t Be Caught Off Guard: Prepare For Wind & Hail Claims

Understand wind and hail deductibles with the help of an insurance expert.


With wind and hail season approaching, it’s a critical time to understand your insurance coverage. Many homeowners are facing confusion around wind and hail deductibles and even potential policy changes during renewal. 

With that in mind, I invited Sam Carmona, an insurance expert from Goose Head, one of your trusted partners, to help us shed light on wind and hail deductibles.


"You should double check your policy during renewal time."


Let's start by addressing the fundamentals of wind and hail perils and deductibles. These perils pose significant risks to our homes, and understanding our coverage is important. It also helps if you know how to calculate deductibles and the recent trends in the insurance landscape.

So, how do we calculate wind and hail deductibles? Typically, deductibles are expressed as a percentage of coverage, often found on your policy’s declarations page.
While deductibles may have been fixed dollar amounts in the past, the trend now leans towards percentages. For example, if your house coverage is $300,000, a 1% deductible translates to $3,000 out of pocket for a claim.

However, you should double check your policy during renewal time. Sometimes, insurance carriers are upping the wind and hail deductibles to one and a half percent or even 2%. Reading the fine print of your insurance renewal ensures that you are aware of your deductible amount and that you’re prepared for any eventuality.

Beyond the deductibles, there is value in talking about your insurance policy. Many people sign documents without fully comprehending their implications. Sam is dedicated to educating and empowering homeowners to make informed decisions about their coverage. He also offers policy reviews and alternative options, ensuring that you are adequately protected amidst industry shifts.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Sam for assistance. Whether you’re facing policy renewals or seeking clarity on insurance matters, his expertise will be of great help. You can contact Sam at 210-942-4296 or visit our M.Stagers Realty Partners website for more information. Again, feel free to call or send an email, and together, we can navigate the complexities and safeguard our homes with confidence.

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