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Buying a home? Don't miss these expert tips for success

Buying a home? Don't miss these expert tips for success

Expert tips for a smooth home-buying journey and confident decision-making.


Today's topic revolves around smart purchasing strategies. Here are some valuable pre-purchase tips to consider.

If multiple decision makers are involved, begin with the Ben Franklin T technique. Differentiate between essential must-haves and secondary nice-to-haves. It's crucial for each person to compile their own list of priorities.

Additionally, create a "will not deal with" list. Specify what you don't want. This list is pivotal and prevents conflicts down the line. Also, grasp the norms in your target market. If you're unfamiliar due to a different location, educate yourself beforehand to avoid unexpected clashes in your preferences.


"These three tips can greatly simplify your buying decision."


The "won't deal with" list is so vital because this is where disagreements can arise among buyers. Recognize that compromises will eventually be necessary. No option will be flawless. Address this among decision-makers, determining who takes the lead on certain aspects. Engage in this discussion since it's common for couples, for instance, to face issues when preferences differ. By establishing and sharing lists upfront, followed by a constructive conversation, the buying decision becomes smoother.

Lastly, employ a rating system. Evaluate each house individually, with each person using a rating sheet. Compare your assessments. I recommend using a scale from one to 10, where eight or higher suggests an offer is warranted. A perfect 10 is unrealistic; even if you build a house, hindsight will reveal areas for improvement. This approach aids in decision-making, as ratings are based on desired features, what's needed, and what's not on the "will not have" list. 

These three tips can greatly simplify your buying decision. Should you have questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to call or email us. We’re happy to help.

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