The Real ID Act Is Mandatory in Oct 2020

Today I’ll share what to do about the Real ID Act and how to renew your passport in San Antonio.

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Today I’m sharing important information you may not know about. The Real ID Act was passed in 2005. It is taking effect and will be mandatory in October 2020. You won’t be able to travel domestically without a legitimate, compliant ID. That ID will get you into secure federal buildings and onto airplanes.

How do you know if you’re compliant with the Real ID Act of 2005? It’s easy. If you’re in Texas, you pull out your driver’s license and look for the small gold star. If you don’t have that star you will have to renew your ID to get on airplanes and into secure federal buildings.


  You won’t be able to travel domestically without a legitimate, compliant ID.


If you’re not from Texas, each state has their own IDs and how they handle this change. You’ll want to look it up on, because they’ll tell you how to get a compliant ID and anything else you need to do for that.

Now, I have a secret about passports in the city of San Antonio: You can go to the post office or the city clerk’s office to renew your passport! (We all know how cheerful they are at the post office.) The city clerk comes with a smile on their face and believes in customer service. In San Antonio, they’re open Monday through Friday. You can walk in, you don’t have to have an appointment, which is great! Also, they have special Saturdays they schedule when they’ll be open for those that cannot visit during the week. You’ll want to check out their website to find out when those Saturdays are. For more information on the city clerk’s office go to

If you have any questions about the Real ID Act or any other real estate concerns, feel free to call or email me, I would love to help you. Thanks for giving me a bit of your time!

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