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Seth Burns is a local San Antonian. First and most important; He loves the Lord with all his heart. This belief helps him to be honest and have a servant’s heart. He takes pride in his work and always does the best of his abilities. It is important to him that things are done correctly and promptly. While sales is his profession, people are his passion. His greatest joy is providing service to a customer/client and making sure they leave satisfied. He is focused on providing quality service while placing the needs of others first. Before he entered the real estate profession, he was in sales for the better part of a decade. He worked home alarms for Monitronics now known as Brinks. He started with both installs and sales, within the first year he became one of the top sales representatives in the local company. He worked primarily with new homeowners. Giving them an opportunity to protect their most valuable investment. With doing both sales and installs he learned to evaluate homes inside and out. The sales side of things taught him how to properly negotiate and find the best fit for the customer’s needs. He would first seek to find what mattered in the eyes of the new homeowner, then fit a package based on their needs.

This was the model that accelerated him to top of his field. Customers felt satisfied and safe, they felt valued and heard. This process continued till an opportunity presented itself to work with his brother-in-law and help run the sales for his company, Brodeen Home Improvement. Brodeen Home Improvement is a construction company locally based here in San Antonio. Seth oversaw lead generation and marketing. This developed his skills in furthering the business by acquiring clients and understanding what it takes to draw attention to the business. He learned estimating repairs, how to do the repairs, and even how to build new structures. At the time he was unaware how valuable this would be in his real estate career. As the company grew his brother no longer needed him to fill that position and Seth pursued starting another company of his own. Taking the marketing and lead generation skills gained he started an online sales business. He would use his abilities in negotiating to generate amazing deals and then resale items. He continued doing this till he decided to switch gears and pursue real estate. Seth looks forward to helping you in one of the most important decisions in your life.


What drives you?

Connecting with people and the freedom to explore ideas.

Why Real Estate?

I believe the Lord has guided me into this career.

Where is your Happy Place?

I feel happiest when I am connecting with people. I also love to play my piano.

Why are you at M. Stagers Realty Partners?

God is good and provides the doors to go through. I felt led to MSRP. I believe this is where I belong.

What would friends say about you? 

He lives live to the fullest.

What is your favorite quote?

“Age is earned in a day, wisdom is earned with experiences.”


  • I love God
  • I skydive
  • I sculpt
  • I make music
  • Diet Coke is my favorite thing in the world

Seth Burn REALTOR®

Phone: 210-464-1736


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  • Fear is the mind killer
    Fear is the mind killer
  • Volleyball with the crew
    Volleyball with the crew
  • Biking is my jam
    Biking is my jam
  • Spending time with grandma at the rodeo
    Spending time with grandma at the rodeo
  • It’s no mountain but it is fun to bolder
    It’s no mountain but it is fun to bolder