Q: What Upgrades Should I Avoid?

These are the three upgrades not to make on a temporary home.

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If you’re buying a home but plan to move in just a few years, there are three upgrades you shouldn’t make to your new house. You should instead focus on purchasing a property that already has these if they’re desirable to you.

1. Solar panels. If you’re moving in three to four years, don’t add these to your home. You won’t recoup the investment. Some appraisers give a bit of value to solar panels, but many don’t. Also, many buyers don’t want to deal with solar panels, so it’ll be harder to sell your house later.


Inground pools cost $60,000+ in our market.


2. Swimming pool. If you’re moving semi-quickly, this is a lousy investment. Inground pools cost $60,000+ in our market. On an appraisal, you’ll get about a $20,000 to $25,000 value on a pool. You will not get all your money back when you sell.

3. Additional dwelling. You don’t get the same dollars per square foot back that it cost you to build an extra dwelling. You’ll only get half or less of your money back on this investment. 

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