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Here are the options our new MSRP Select Move program offers you.

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Today’s topic is an exciting new program that we have to offer you. It’s called MSRP Select Move and it gives you three ways to sell your home without having to move out first.

MSRP Select Move allows you to sell your house on the open market in the traditional way if that’s what you want to do. However, if that’s not the ideal process for your situation, we can also get you an instant offer. You can go through us to get a cash buyout on your home just like you would if you went to Zillow or Opendoor, but we help you market to all of them and select who offers you the highest cash price.


MSRP Select Move gives you three ways to sell your home without moving out first.


Finally, we offer several bridge solutions to help you pull the equity out from your home before closing on your next purchase. We also partner with companies that will let you submit a cash offer on another house. They do charge a fee for this, but they will let you lease your home until you have sold it.

In one of the programs, if you qualify for it, they will buy the house in their name, lease it to you, and then transfer it to you once you’ve sold your old house. Otherwise, you can pull the equity out of your house if you qualify for both homes and go buy another home then sell yours. If you select the right lender, you can re-amortize your loan and use the extra equity to have a lower payment.

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