Mistakes to Avoid When Selling

There are always ways in which sellers can improve their odds of selling and getting top dollar.  There are also ways in which they can cause the opposite effect.  To maximize the success in selling sellers should truly think through some decisions.  One of the first mistakes is thinking your home is perfect and overlooking repairs.  It is important to make sure your home not only shines cosmetically, but it shines because maintenance and other repair items have been taken care of.  A pre-inspection to discover what you may not know is invaluable.  This also helps, so you do not lose a deal after going under contract, as the buyer may back out due to repairs or decide the house no longer has the same value.  The second mistake is over pricing!  This is one that happens a lot.  In the long run it will also cause you to net less than listing correctly and negotiating less.  Emotions truly need to be in check when pricing a home.  Market value is established by what has sold in the area and has similar attributes.  The hard part is realizing not all improvements equal dollar for dollar return.  You have to take off your seller hat and put on your buyer hat to price a home.    Mistake number three is over sharing information with prospective buyers.  Also, posting too much information online about when your move is, where you are going etc.  This can give a buyer too much information when it comes to negotiations.  Many people will look you up on social media outlets and check out your feeds to gain information about you and your situation.  Mistake number 4 is putting your home on the market and thinking everyone can just overlook all your clutter.  Winning the beauty contest will not only help you sell faster, but it will also help in getting the best price.  Your home becomes a product when you list it.  It is no different than any other consumer item, if it looks good, smells good and shows well they will pay for it, if it does not, everyone wants a discount.  Having a well staged and presented home is so very important to the whole process.  Mistake number five is setting your expectations of the market and buyers too high.  You have to take feedback about your home with a grain of salt, look for what you can change and do not worry about what you can not.  Do not take it personally.  Everyone has different tastes and interest.  Comments can certainly cause distress, but if you keep them in the right perspective and don’t try analyze every single one you will do much better and not be disappointed.

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