Jennifer Rush, REALTOR®

Jennifer Rush – Over the past 25 years, I have enjoyed being wife to my husband who, during that time has served in both the U.S. Marines and U.S. Navy, has been a civilian employee, and has been deployed numerous times.  I was also proud to be mom and teacher to our wonderful children who were home-schooled through high school and are now sprouting their wings on their own in young adult life.

In 2016 knowing my role in life was about to change I began to wonder and search for what my next life journey was going to be.  Real estate is where the Lord led me, and EXIT Realty Pro in Northeast Texas is where my real estate career began as a Receptionist, Social Media Coordinator, and Compliance Officer. Off and on throughout the years I have toyed with the idea of becoming a Real Estate Agent. Working in the industry with and for Real Estate professionals sealed the deal for me.

In April of 2017 I embarked upon my career as a Real Estate Sales Agent and have since helped buyers and sellers make the biggest financial decision of their lives.   It has been my pleasure to help them and will be my pleasure to help you as you buy your new home, sell

your long-time homestead, or purchase land for your retirement home; whatever it may be, I’m here to help you!

My journey continues…In June 2018 due to an office move for my husband, we moved to San Antonio to start yet another chapter in our book.  I am now part of M. Stagers Realty Partners where I plan to continue to learn and grow in my real estate career.

I couldn’t be more excited to learn about this area and share this experience with new clients, new friends, and newcomers to this area just like me!


What drives you?

I absolutely love competition; whether it is in the workplace or family time filled with good old-fashioned board games and cards games.  The end goal is always to WIN, but always with honesty and integrity!

Why Real Estate?

I have always loved helping people and real estate allows me to do just that.  Purchasing or selling a home is most of the time unknown territory to people and I love buffering that an giving them the security to know that I will take care of them and their real estate needs.  I also love the constant change because no property is the same, no transaction is the same, no person is the same, and no one’s situation is the same.  Every single transaction affords me the opportunity to help someone in their own unique situation and hopefully we will all come out better on the other side.

Where is your Happy Place?

Spending time with my family, being part of my church family, and sleeping are all things that make me happy.  When I was a child I dreamed of marrying and having children and have been blessed beyond measure to have been able to live that dream. My church family and the Lord is what keeps me grounded and sleep is what keeps me going.  My family will tell you, “If mom doesn’t get her sleep, beware.”  It is essential!

Why are you at M. Stagers Realty Partners?

Dan Boss referred me and upon interviewing with Missy it felt like where I needed to be.  I was looking for a work family, not just a place to work.  I have found that here.  Everyone helps each other which creates such an amazing atmosphere.  It’s a joy to go into the office!

What would friends say about you? 

Friendly, Dependable, Honest, Caring

What is your favorite quote?

“The choices you make dictate the life you lead.”

My Aunt Linda

  • My passion is serving and caring for others with an authentic heart, so I was humbly proud to hear these words. I have been serving others in the real estate industry since 2016 with experience in Compliance, Social Media, Customer Service, buyer + seller representation, and building relationships with other Real Estate Agents. I am excited to add Agent Referral Coordinator to my resume.


  • I love to learn new things, meet new people and explore new places. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS with my clients and creating connections in my community are of utmost importance to me.


  • My husband of 26 years is a VETERAN and has been deployed many times throughout our marriage; therefore, veterans and government employees and their families are near and dear to my heart.


  • My family and three grown children are absolutely invaluable to me as is my involvement in Community Bible Church. I cherish serving others personally and professionally and hope to connect with you through real estate service.

Jennifer Rush, REALTOR®

Phone: 281-914-7711


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  • Clients that are now friends!
    Clients that are now friends!
  • Family is my favorite!
    Family is my favorite!
  • My Son, Hunter, and I at the Japanese Gardens
    My Son, Hunter, and I at the Japanese Gardens
  • My husband and I visiting Luckenbach
    My husband and I visiting Luckenbach
  • I love cooking!
    I love cooking!