Getting Your Home Ready for the Market

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell!

What are some of your first steps to getting your home ready?  Often seller’s look at their home through the eyes of love and emotion.  This can hinder really make your home shine and maximizing your value.   It is important to take your emotions out of this to begin and look at your home as a house and a product.

  1. It helps to start with a camera – walk through your home and take photos.  Look at what those photos show.  Is that how you want your room to look online and does it look not only appealing to a possible buyer, but is it spacious?  Remember you are selling your space, not your things.
  2. It is best to start with the curb appeal and this does not just mean the front yard. Make sure the front of the home will make a great photo.  That may mean removing some tree limbs to see the home, painting a front door, power washing the driveway or even painting the peeling paint.
  3. Next is going to be the declutter phase. It is better to start getting rid of items you are not taking with you and then storing on site or in a storage facility. Everything that is not essential to live in the home should be put away.  (e.g. Extra furniture, toys, knick knacks, etc.)  Be sure to organize closets, linen closets and pantries.  Potential buyers will open those spaces.  Less of a concern are your kitchen cabinets.
  4. Repair all those items that you just have did not get around to yet. Then look at the surfaces i.e. flooring, walls and counter tops.  Replace those that do not shine.  If you have worn carpet or burn marks on your counters, then it is best to replace and not just clean.
  5. Lastly, after all the other items are done, a deep cleaning to include lights, light bulbs, air vents and light switch plates should be done. Really clean sells a home faster than many other things.  Be sure to concentrate on the bathrooms as well and make sure all the caulk in the shower, and at the base of the commodes is clean.

Getting a home ready does pay off.  Buyers will pay top dollar for a home that has been prepared!

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