Fernanda Aguilar REALTOR®

After graduating from a top-notch Law School in Mexico City, Fernanda had the opportunity to work as a bilingual lawyer for 18 years in different branches of law including real state. Moving to San Antonio gave her the opportunity to accomplish one of her lifetime dreams that was to remodel houses. It has always been her passion to repair, fix or just to make beautiful the place that someone calls “home”. Working as an investor-client with Missy Stagers in the San Antonio area made Fernanda fell in love with this beautiful town and its surroundings appreciating the value of its bicultural heritage. Her background as a real estate lawyer and as an investor in town, gives Fernanda the experience to help others in their very exciting process of finding a new home or to facilitate the transaction while selling their property. She knows the kind of service you deserve both as buyer or seller and that is exactly the service that she is willing to provide to her clients. Mother of 2 middle schoolers, Fernanda and her Husband, Hector, like to spend time supporting their son at the football field and their daughter at the tennis courts where she also enjoys playing for fun.

What drives you?

My family. Obtaining a goal. To get the result I expected/wanted.

Why Real Estate?

Have had previous experience with real estate law and now as an investor.

Where is your Happy Place?

Home. Anywhere where my 2 kids and husband are.

Why are you at M. Stagers Realty Partners?

Because of Missy. She has so many of the qualities and attributes I admire in a person.

If your friends could describe you in just four words, what would they be?

Honest, Intelligent, Consistent, Diligent

Favorite Quote?

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Walt Disney

  • I was once attacked by an eagle. It hit my head and pull my hair.


  • Loooove to host and to clean my house. Always, all the time. My kids call me Monica (from friends).


  •  I play tennis. and I am so competitive that I have played at 32 degrees.


  • One of my dogs can open doors so its hard to find some privacy.


  • I can not move my ears like everyone else!

Fernanda Aguilar, REALTOR®

Phone: 210-919-1009


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