Feng Shui

Almost everyone has heard the terms Feng Shui at some point when looking at homes, however, most do not really know what is except flow or a feeling.  Feng shui is actually much more complicated than that if truly practiced to its fullest.  Feng Shui is the art of placing objects and arranging space in a way that is harmonious with the environment.  Its literal meaning is “wind water”.  The practice of it originated in China and was introduced to the United States by Chinese immigrants in the 1800’s.  The basic notion is living in balance with nature so that both people and the environment benefit.  Feng Shui believes that our lives are affected by our environments and that to be happy we need to surround ourselves with the symbols of beauty and kindness.  Traditional Feng Shui uses a special compass called a loupan to design and map out how things will be as well as complex mathematical equations.  The modern version is much simpler!  It uses the methods coupled with architecture and interior design to arrange a home and the objects in it to obtain an optimal flow of energy.  Thought is given to the placement of mirrors, directions doorways should face, and where the headboards of the bed should be placed.The flow of energy in the environment and on where the certain electromagnetic fields are located assist in determining these things.  Basic Feng Shui can be done in 6 steps – #1 Clean out the clutter, #2 Have good air and light quality (plants and open windows are a good start), #3 Define your  Energy Map, #4 Get the basics of 5 Elements, #5 Find out your Kau number and direction, #6 Be aware of the energy in your home (this is about flow especially at the front door, kitchen and master).

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