Erik Ramos REALTOR®

Erik has lived in San Antonio for much of his life and has moved throughout the city giving him a plethora of knowledge on the city. While attending the University of Texas at San Antonio, he became drawn to real estate. Seeking out a job to learn more he joined M. Stagers Realty Partners and took on the role of courier/runner. It taught him various skills including professionalism, attention to detail and customer service. The experience really does matter. This opportunity allowed him exposure to the ins and outs of a real estate transaction and establishing relationships with the staff and other agents in the office. Realizing that real estate was his passion the next step to take was to become a fully licensed agent. Coming on board now with M. Stagers Realty Partners as a REALTOR®, Erik is putting all his newly learned skills work. By joining The Missy Stagers Team and he looks to Missy for guidance on perfecting his new career. He is excited and ready to go to work for you! Days you do not find Erik in the office you can see him making music, spending time with family and friends, plus staying active by going to the gym and playing basketball.

What drives you?

What drives me is the motivation to have a financially consistent flow of funds

Why Real Estate?

I chose real estate because I always wanted to be in this business.  I wanted to be a part of an industry that is complex and rewarding.

Where is your Happy Place?

That would actually be my car, because I have the ability to go wherever I want to.

Why are you at M. Stagers Realty Partners?

I’m with MSRP because I value people as people rather than as just transactions. The values at M. Stagers reflects my own. Everyone there has such a good energy that always amazes me.

What would friends say about you? 

Ambitious, Adventurous, Outgoing, Determined

What is your favorite quote?

“Hold your cheese.”

Ed Newton

  • I run a photography group called The SA Creatives.


  • I only use one pen.


  • My favorite food is white rice.


  • I have a German Shephaerd, Lab, Huskie mix dog named Mia.


  • I use to play Violin.

Erik Ramos REALTOR®

Phone: 210-286-1735


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