Don’t Do These Things While Buying a Home

Here are seven common home-buying mistakes you should avoid.


Are you looking to purchase a home soon? It’s an exciting process, but it’s easy to become overwhelmed and make mistakes. That’s why today I want to share a few common errors you should avoid when purchasing a home:


  • Don’t buy big-ticket items before closing. Once you get under contract, it’s easy to get excited about buying new furniture or a new car, but try and hold off for a bit. If you make a big purchase before you close, it could affect your credit and cause issues with your loan. 


“You need to watch your credit until after closing.”


  • Don’t change jobs in the middle of a purchase. This can also cause you not to qualify for your previous loan, especially if you switch to a different field. 

  • Don’t miss credit card payments. You may think you’re in the clear once you get under contract, but your credit still matters up until closing. Make sure you’re on top of your payments while buying. 

  • Don’t get married and not tell your lender. A spouse will affect what you qualify for, so talk to your lender about your combined financial situation. 

  • Don’t get divorced and not tell your lender. Getting divorced is hard enough already. Don’t add another problem to your list by forgetting to tell your lender about it. 

  • Don’t open a new line of credit. There’s nothing wrong with getting a new card. Just wait until after your close to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

  • Don’t quit your job. Your lender will do an employment verification to make sure you’re still employed on closing day. 


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