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Getting Your Home Ready for the Market

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell! What are some of your first steps to getting your home ready?  Often seller’s look at their home through the eyes of love and emotion.  This can hinder really make your home shine and maximizing your value.   It is important to take your emotions out of this to begin and look at your home as a house and a product. It helps to start with a camera – walk through your home and take photos.  Look at what those photos show.  Is that how you want your room to look online and does it
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Sellers Disclosure Statements

The Seller’s Disclosure statement is an important real estate document for both buyers and sellers.  This form is where you tell the story of the property, what it may or may not have present on the property as well as what defects there may be.  It is important the seller fill it out accurately and completely.  It is one of the documents that if things go wrong and parties end up in court that will be looked at in detail.  As a seller, it is important to not leave blanks.  It is important to tell what you know and if
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Mistakes to Avoid When Selling

There are always ways in which sellers can improve their odds of selling and getting top dollar.  There are also ways in which they can cause the opposite effect.  To maximize the success in selling sellers should truly think through some decisions.  One of the first mistakes is thinking your home is perfect and overlooking repairs.  It is important to make sure your home not only shines cosmetically, but it shines because maintenance and other repair items have been taken care of.  A pre-inspection to discover what you may not know is invaluable.  This also helps, so you do not
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