Bring Back the Old with The New Improved

This weekend I pulled out a new gift to use.  It was kind of familiar and kind of not.  It is called an Instant Pot.  “IP” for the affectionate and short name.  Growing up I used to use a pressure cooking when helping my mom cook.  It was a heavy, bulky pan with a weighted round weight of 5, 10 or 15 pounds marked on it.  It was the also the item that always was missing or hard to find.  It cooked meat quickly and made chicken fall off the bone.   It was a respected item in the kitchen for sure as once my grandma exploded the pan.  After everything had cooked you also had to wait for the pressure to dissipate before opening.  This took time, even though it was supposed to save you time.  Today…in comes the IP to the modern day version and so much more.  This little pot does not have to go on the stove.  It plugs into the wall.   Its lid is not hard to put on or heavy.  It has fancy buttons on the front.  And…it has so many extra new features, like steaming, sauteing, and heating.  It is the one stop cooking appliance.  It is user-friendly with easy to figure out buttons (if you really do not want to read the instructions). The best part of it is, it cooks even faster and you don’t have to figure out the weight either.  I made a great chicken recipe in it as with the IP, I received a cookbook.  The whole thing cooked in 23 minutes.  The best part…I hit the vent button on the top and the steam let itself out.  The opening took all of a couple minutes and no guessing.  This appliance is my new go to when working late or weekend meals.  If you have not tried one…it is a kitchen must.  I look forward to trying out all the other features it offers.


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