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Brandon Evins grew up a military brat and has traveled all over the United States making moving second nature to him. Eventually the Army brought his family to Texas. For the last seven years, Brandon has explored San Antonio and decided to pursue a career in real estate. Brandon is deeply rooted in family values and the importance of trust within his community and the people he interacts with every day.

Prior to pursuing a career in real estate, he owned and sold a partnered business in merchandise. Like any business it had its ups and downs, but in the end, he came out of it with many new experiences and developed a tenacious work ethic. Brandon is now ready to put those experiences to work in real estate. He understands the difficult process involved in real estate and wants to assist you through one of the biggest decisions made in your life. Working the rental and buyer market, he knows what it takes to assist others in their property transactions.

Brandon also is fluent in Korean. In his spare time, he likes to enjoy the many outdoor hiking trails Texas has to offer.

What drives you?

The need to always be better than myself from the day before.  Getting my mom back to the states. Wanting a bigger yard for my dogs.

Why Real Estate?

I fell I am able to completely be myself in real estate while continuously challenging myself everyday.

Where is your Happy Place?

In nature. The feeling of the top of a hike and seeing that view I worked hard to get to.

Why are you at M. Stagers Realty Partners?

Missy took me under her wing like no other broker. The people kept me here.

What would friends say about you? 

Spontaneous, Nice, Ambitions, Optimistic, Free-spirited

What is your favorite quote?

“Its the not the Destination, It’s the journey.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Brandon likes to explore the many hiking trails and hills that Texas has to offer


  • Brandon likes to go on road trips and visit new cities that he hasn’t been to before


  • Brandon likes to cook foods that he has tried in restaurants that he likes


  • Brandon likes to meditate and become one with the universe as much as he can


  • Brandon likes help his friends with their issues and problems being the mediator of most situations

Brandon Evins REALTOR®

Phone: 210-709-9995


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