Becky Trussell – REALTOR®, GRI

Rebecca (Becky) sells real estate in the Hill Country because of her passionate love for it!  Having grown up in Houston, she left while in her mid-twenties, and spent 20+ years in Tyler, Texas.  As a child she loved visiting her grandparents in the Hill Country, and dreamed of living here one day.  Finally, in 2009, she purchased a parcel of land in Kendall County, Texas.  There, she cut through the fence to walk onto the place.  Every bit of development, including the road, well and septic, fence, home, and now, a brand new tiny house, is there because she put it there.  Learning how to live there, even though she is an “original” Texan, took gentle balance, asking a lot of questions, and trusting her own creativity.  The pay-off?  Now, her grandchildren visit there to roam the hills of this wonderful Texas property.  Becky enjoys kayaking, camping and gardening because is gets her closer to nature, her instinctive love.  She dabbles as a potter, and loves to read.  Two incredible women call her Mom.  She’s a cool grandmom to two beautiful girls, a daughter to a Texas matriarch, a little sister, and she aspires to be as good a friend as those who are close to her.

What drives you?

Becoming the best version of myself.  I have to create. Resourcing people who are looking to grow, and/or are open to receiving help in “uncharted” territory.

Why Real Estate?

I love the Texas Hill Country. I love the process of finding, resourcing, checking the boxes for my clients as their Realtor.

Where is your Happy Place?

Home with a book or cooking. Love traveling, but don’t do it as much as I’d like. Romania is my “happy place” country.

Why are you at M. Stagers Realty Partners?

I think real estate is changing so fast that if you don’t change too, you will go down.  I reached a ceiling, and MSRP provides agent support and is ready to keep up with the future.  Poised for change and growth.

If your friends could describe you in just four words, what would they be?

Open, creative, funny, smart

What is your favorite quote?

“Frustration is a sign that an upgrade is available. ”

Graham Cooke

  • I own a tiny home that was built on DIY’s Tiny Luxury . It’s now an Air BnB.


  • My biggest adventure – my pioneer adventure moving from East Texas to The Hill Country in 2007. I bought 7 acres. Cut through the fence and walked onto my very own “Ranchette”.


  • I am a potter and I work primarily on the wheel, but I do hand-building as well.


  • My outdoor adventures include kayaking and camping in my teardrop trailer. Especially in Big Bend.


  • I caught a piranha in the Amazon River, and I’ve seen tigers and ridden elephants in India.

Becky Trussell, GRI, REALTOR®

Phone: 210-859-5576


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