Amy Fonville, REALTOR®

Hi! I’m Amy, and I’m so thrilled to be joining this team of talented, energetic and kind-hearted agents. Becoming a Real Estate Agent has been a dream of mine for over 20 years. My husband served in the United States Air Force for 27 years, and the first twelve of those were in Virginia. I enjoyed a wonderful career during that time, growing from an administrative role and eventually serving as a Real Estate Management Consultant to wireless companies in the area of Site Development/Real Estate department. It was during this time that we purchased our first home, and although I loved my active role in the field of real estate development, the residential sales process quickly became an obsession. Our realtor was kind, authentic, incredibly patient with me and my daily barrage of questions for her, and it was in this process that I knew I would eventually pursue this newfound passion.

First things first, we had my husband’s career to nurture and grow, which took us all over the world. I became an avid volunteer and worked as a civilian to our military community while raising kiddos. There is so much that I gained in my life during these times that contribute to who I am today… I’ll forever be grateful for the experiences, the travel, and the people along our journey.

That journey led us here, to our final destination! San Antonio was always our stop-over, in between moves, because we have family here and it just felt like coming home. I also lived here for a few years as a teen and again when newly married, so I had that connection with the city. My husband and children are thrilled that I am finally able to pursue what I’ve dreamt about for so long. We have begun immersing ourselves into the community here and are loving all that San Antonio has to offer. Our new Church and surrounding community are already blessing us beyond measure and we want to reciprocate those blessings in turn. What a gift it is, to finally be home.

I’m so eager to serve you, to help you find the place that speaks to your heart… your new home. It will be my absolute privilege to join you on this journey, whether it’s your first home or whether you’re like us and have a few home transactions under your belt. I feel so fortunate to have met Missy and become one of her team, as this is absolutely the best environment for education and growth, hands down. I know I will be great, because I have an army of amazing talent supporting me, and because I care so much about helping you.


What drives you?

Faith above all things, Family & Friends, and doing my best.

Why Real Estate?

When we do what we love, it feels less like work and more like enjoying a favorite hobby or pastime. I’ve been interested in/following real estate news and trends in every place I’ve ever lived – for two decades! – and it still excites me.

Where is your Happy Place?

I’m happy to be with friends and my family, happy when I’m at church, and I love exploring the outdoors – parks, lakes, oceans, mountains, fells, creeks, forests, canyons…anywhere scenic!

Why are you at M. Stagers Realty Partners?

The most important piece of becoming licensed, for me, was to align myself with an agency where I’d have every confidence in their “why.” Missy Stagers and her entire team are conditioned for and driven by ensuring the best customer service/customer experience. Missy’s excellent reputation for extraordinary service is not by accident.

What would friends say about you? 

Faithful, Positive, Kind, Loyal

What is your favorite quote?

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”

Maya Angelou

  • I’m terrified of heights but love the thrill of the ride on roller coasters.


  • I am mom to two pretty terrific kiddos. My daughter is pursuing her degree in Nursing and my son attends Johnson HS. They keep me in stitches and light up my world!


  • We’ve just begun to feel settled in our own newly built home and are enjoying the process of making it ours.


  • I met my husband as a junior in high school, in a tiny SE Texas town. Married 30 years and counting, we are both delighted to be back in San Antonio and living much closer to our families.


  • I love meeting new people & forging friendships…it is one of the great pleasures of living, being able to go through life with and love and care about so many people.

Amy Fonville REALTOR®

Phone: 210-462-6156


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  • Amy Fonville, REALTOR®
    Amy Fonville, REALTOR®
  • Hiking with my besties
    Hiking with my besties
  • Starting 2020 off “on the right foot.” I don’t think it worked!
    Starting 2020 off “on the right foot.” I don’t think it worked!
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    Thanksgiving Day on a beautiful Texas ranch
  • Sister love!
    Sister love!
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    Dinner with our local family