“Our mission is to provide an Experience that stands above the industry standard and challenges the status quo of the basic real estate agent.”


After spending her younger years in the military learning teamwork, pride in service and excellence in performance, Melissa Stagers found herself married to a Naval Officer with 3 kids. Not being a stay-at-home kind of mom, she went to work in the marketing side of real estate for a local company in San Diego.

Upon moving to San Antonio, she took another job as the creative leader for a national auction firm which was coordinating a large scale real estate auction in San Antonio. At that time, her intention was not to make a career in real estate.  After all, it was marketing where she excelled! She simply happened to be marketing for real estate firms. However, by the time the auction ended, she had caught the real estate bug. Real estate was in her blood, and she quickly earned her real estate license.

Originally, she worked with a boutique company, where the camaraderie and closeness of a tight-knit group convinced her this was the way top real estate firms functioned. After 20 plus years as a successful real estate agent with a high-ranking local team, Melissa decided to branch out and grow into her own brokerage. In 2017, M. Stagers Realty Partners was born, with a strong mission, a progressive vision and an impeccable set of values.


Our Mission at M. Stagers Realty Partners is to provide an Experience that stands above the industry standard and challenges the status quo of the basic real estate agent.

At the end of the day, we make the “The Experience Matter” so each client becomes tremendously loyal and is compelled to tell others about us. We delight our client by going the extra mile and doing more than just our job.


“The Experience” is achieved by being authentic, by paying attention to details, by using insight honed through years of real estate transactions, and by ferociously protecting our clients’ interests as we would our own.

We want you to trust us as valuable real estate advisors, worthy of handling one of your largest purchases, sales or investments. We earn that trust by doing what we say, providing excellence in customer service, working through – not avoiding – tough situations, and managing emotions to keep a clear view on important decisions.

When the process becomes stressful, we are there. We strive to make it a smooth and convenient process no matter the challenges. We want to earn the right to have you say it was a great experience.

By adding in technology and systems, we facilitate the transaction with proven methods. We believe that it takes collaboration with everyone in the deal to get it done, and doing it right is important! Our agents believe this! They want to make a difference with you.


With a background in marketing, our vision is to maintain our leading edge through innovative programs and practices that enhance “The Experience” for every client. We do this by providing superior returns on investments for home buyers and investors, by maximizing the value of each our sellers’ homes to their fullest potential, and by alleviating stress throughout the real estate process.


  • Do to others what you wish done to you

  • Be honest, even when it’s not easy

  • Do the right thing, even when no one is looking

  • Be good and be kind...ugly never gets anything accomplished

  • Win - Win goes a long way

  • Be authentic

  • Don't be afraid to be different

  • Laugh and have fun...life is too short to do otherwise

  • Be professional, but never turn down a hug

  • Give 100%

  • Care about what you do, even when others do not

  • Don’t be like everyone else

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