Within minutes of working with us, our clients quickly recognize that we are a people oriented organization; our reputation and relationships speak for themselves.

Our clients, home buyers and sellers regardless of previous experience, choose us because they:

  • Value the experience that can only be accumulated over time.  We have been serving the community for over 20 years straight, regardless of economic conditions, market or consumer trends.

  • Value a group of people helping them achieve their goals. They understand that no one individual can look after them as well as a team can.

  • Value the solid reputation and expertise we have built over time. They value our relationships and the attention MSTAGERS AND PARTNERS properties get from both buyers and sellers.

  • Appreciate our desire to consistently improve, and our systemized approach that limits the risk and liabilities associated with buying or selling a home.

  • Love our Property Prep Kit and our unique marketing plan that gets them more people interested in the property while increasing the perceived value of the property.

  • Know that every one of our team members understands that their #1 Job is to help our clients achieve their goals while avoiding inconvenience and hassle.

  • Believe in fairness on each side of the transaction.

  • Know that we care about doing things the right way and doing the right thing even when it’s hard. This leads to long term relationships that go far beyond real estate.